Syracuse's Greek Festival starts Thursday

Food--including lamb and chicken dinners, and Greek pastries,--a big part, but not all of what makes up the Greek Festival

The thousands of pastries baked in the past few months are being thawed, the big grills are ready and the tents are going up for St. Sophia's Greek Cultural Festival.

This year, the favorites, along with a shoppers' bazaar, will be back. New this year, baklava sundaes, and lessons on the making of icons.

The church, at Waring and Nottingham Roads, throws its doors open to the community for dancing, singing, and lots of eating.

This year's festival starts Thursday at 5pm, and continues through Sunday afternoon. Saturday is the marathon day, noon to midnight.

Admission is free, and there is free parking with shuttle service from JD Middle School, CBA and Tecumseh Elementary.