Syracuse's little known tribute to Civil War soldiers

Way in the back of Woodlawn Cemetery, not far from the Shop City Plaza sits one of the almost hidden secrets of Central New York Civil War history. The 40 foot tall monument has stood in the cemetery since 22 years after the war ended. It is dedicated to William Lilly, who was killed in action during the war.

The Civil War section of Woodlawn Cemetery is the final resting place of 113 soldiers. The old grave markers from the 1800's were removed decades ago. They have been neatly stacked surrounding the monument and the gravesites replaced with granite stones that are flush with the ground. Central New York did not see a battle in the Civil War, but it did contribute soldiers- 12,000 of them from Onondaga County by one estimate.

Research from a 2011 Dick Case column in the Post Standard was used in this report.