Syracuse's Mayor Miner presents the 2012 State of the City

Mayor Miner

Syracuse Mayor Miner presented the 2012 State of the City Thursday night at 6:30pm at the Landmark Theatre.

This was Mayor Miner's third State of the City Address.

"The Landmark represents the best of Syracuse - our rich history and our willingness to evolve to ensure a better future," said Syracuse Mayor Stephanie A. Miner in a press release. "I am honored to address the Syracuse community at the Landmark Theatre this year as downtown's transformation continues."The city of Syracuse has thousands of homes that are so tax delinquent, the city could take them over, and Mayor Miner wants to hold slumlords accountable.

Mayor Miner says there are 34-hundred properties in the city that could be seized.

Mayor Miner also discussed new developments in the city of Syracuse such as the newly opened creek walk, renovations underway at several city schools and a new online system for neighborhood complaints and property information on the city's website.

The Mayor said she will also appoint former Lieutenant Governor Richard Ravitch to lead a new financial advisory board.

Ravitch is credited with helping New York City recover when it nearly went bankrupt in 1975. The board wonâ??t have budgetary power, but it will offer new advice about how to weather what the mayor calls a "Financial Storm."

Amid an on-going fiscal crisis, Mayor Miner says the next budget will demand the city dip into its rainy day fund to the tune of $16 million dollars.