Syracuse's Peregrine Falcons are parents again

A recent FalconCam photo / courtesy: Sue Wrisley

Peregrine Falcon watchers have spotted four babies in the nest box on the State Tower Building, and say there may still be more to hatch. "Fancy" has been on the nest for several weeks, and watcher George Marleu says the peregrines probably hatched on Thursday, "A full week ahead of last year when the first baby was seen on May 5th. They really have to be a day or two old before they can raise themselves enough to be seen on the camera. You should be able to spot feeding sessions in the morning, afternoon and evening from now on." Sue Wrisley, who watches and photographs the nest box, says she was feeding on Friday. It's believed the babies, technically called 'eyasses' until they leave the nest as fledglings, were hatched late Thursday. Click here to watch the development of the babies via a "FalconCam" on the State Tower Building.