Syracuse's 'secret weapon' in the fight against potholes

Syracuse DPW crews are using a DuraPatcher to repair potholes by spray injecting them. They say the repair lasts longer than past methods

With the warmer weather, potholes are popping up on area roads.

Syracuse is using spray injection to fill the holes, with a new technology that the DPW Commissioner says will keep the holes filled for years, instead of just days.

DuraPatcher comes from a Minnesota-based company. A truck carries a tank of asphalt-based road material, and applies it with what looks like a giant vacuum cleaner hose.

The pothole is cleaned of water and debris with a high pressure stream of air, and then the patch material is sprayed into the hole. It 'sets' instantly.

DPW Commissioner Peter O'Connor says the system costs $150,000, and the truck has been so successful that a second truck is on order and expected in service before this year's pothole season is done.

We measured one pothole at almost a foot deep today (it's now been repaired), but no doubt many more will pop up as the roads freeze. In Syracuse, you can report them at 448-CITY