Syracuse's vacant convent considered to house illegal immigrants

The now-empty Franciscan convent, on Syracuse's North Side, is being considered to house illegal immigrant children

Federal government inspectors have come to Syracuse, to inspect the now-vacant Franciscan convent complex as a place to house the illegal immigrant children who've been in the national news.

A spokeswoman for the Franciscan Sisters confirms that General Accounting Office (GAO) inspectors were here on Monday, to look at the buildings on Syracuse's North Side, at Court and Grant Streets.

The Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities moved out of the convent in June, to new facilities in Liverpool, leaving the 117 year old St Anthony's Motherhouse, the Jolenta Convent and the Maria Regina buildings empty.

The G A O is believed to have heard about the vacant buildings from Pioneer Development, the real estate company headed by Michael J Falcone which is selling the property.

The children in question crossed into the United States illegally from Central America and are awaiting deportation hearings.

They're part of the ongoing immigration crisis that's been in the national news, the past several weeks.

It's expected an offer would be made fairly soon, in which case, says spokeswoman Rochelle Cassella, the sisters 'have some decisions to make."