Taberg man arrested after stealing golf cart, trying to disguise it with spray paint

Joshua Santee

Oneida County Sheriffâ??s Deputies arrested a Taberg man Sunday for burglary and stealing a golf cart.

Deputies say 20-year-old Joshua Santee was walking home from Rome on Route 69 at about 2:00 am when he broke into a building at the Beaver Creek Golf Course and stole a golf cart.

Santee then drove the cart west on Route 69 to Leisure Village where he broke into several more buildings, stealing gas for the golf cart and other items, according to deputies.

A witness saw Santee break into one of the buildings and called police. Deputies say Santee drove the cart to his home and started to spray paint it, so no one would notice it was from the golf course.

Deputies arrested Santee based on the witnessâ?? description.

Santee was charged with burglary and possession of stolen property. Deputies say more charges may come as the investigation continues.

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