Tackling sexual assault on college campuses

Tackling sexual assault on college campuses, the "It's On Us" lecture series at SUNY Cortland.

April is sexual abuse awareness month and on Tuesday night a woman whose uncovered sexual assault cases at other schools was at SUNY Cortland raising awareness.

Sports Investigative Journalist Jessica Luther is shining new light on the issue sexual violence.

"People will have that conversation if their team or their favorite athlete or something their invested in outside of just the issue itself and sports allows that," Jessica Luther said.

More than 200 students came to Corey Union at SUNY Cortland to hear the message first hand, including senior football player Carson Lassiter.

"I think that the line between aggression and violence on the field can sometimes be blurred and carried off the field. So, it's definitely a problem that needs to be addressed at major D1 schools and carried through to all the different divisions and universities," Lassiter said.

Luther has exposed a number of programs in her books, most notably Baylor's Sexual Assault Scandal in 2015. She's also had a great impact on women who have experienced sexual violence.

"It's like they're looking for someone to talk to that they feel safe enough to approach and through my work I must give that off which is good. It's something I strive for," Luther explained.

While trying to inspire many to take a stand against sexual assault.

"This is a great conversation to be a part of and you certainly hope that the young men that you're guiding are reflective of making right choices," Dan MacNeill, SUNY Cortland's head football coach said.

The message became clear for many at SUNY Cortland that it truly is "on us" after Tuesday night's event.

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