Tainted donuts? Local Dunkin' Donuts franchise under investigation

T he Onondaga County Health Department is investigating a local Dunkin' Donuts restaurant.

A complaint was filed against the Dunkin' Donuts at 3915 South Salina Street last Thursday.

R ight now health department officials say they are awaiting test results from Albany on a group of donuts.

T hey were originally baked in Fairmount and then sent to several franchises.

T he complaint says there was a chemical odor on the donuts in question.

During the investigation 8 stores were forced to discard some of their donuts.

T here is one victim in the case, but the health department says its not allowed to release information about the nature of the sickness.

H ealth officials say Dunkin' Donuts is fully cooperating in the investigation.

T he company released a statement saying , "A t Dunkin' Donuts the quality of our products and the safety of our guests are our foremost concerns. We are working directly with the franchisee and the health department to investigate the matter."

Will this impact whether or not you go back to Dunkin' Donuts? Is there an overreaction with only one victim in the case? Are the health department and the company acting appropriately? Leave your comments below.