Talk@10: Price Chopper acknowledges Social Media

The Chief Operating Officer for Price Chopper visited Syracuse University's iSchool this afternoon to explain his company's involvement in a public relations problem that erupted when a customer criticized the store for having bare shelves in a tweet on Twitter. An employee for Price Chopper saw the posting and sought retaliation with the customer's own employer.

iSchool Assistant Professor Anthony Rotolo created the blog that broke the story about the Price Chopper Twitter controversy. Rotolo's followers, many of whom specialize in social media, spread the story. It caught on and created intense negative feelings toward Price Chopper. Rotolo invited COO Jerry Golub to his class today to explain what happened and what's been learned.

During the session moderator Kelly Lux kept a running feed on Twitter tracked by #rotoloclass. On that feed Price Chopper comes to the realization that "social media has leveled the playing field."

Alex Dunbar is reporting on this story tonight on NBC 3, CW 6 and CBS 5.