Tanning salons battle your doctor's warning

Salons across the country want to see you soaking up their rays.


anning salons have joined together to form a group to fight popular myths. The American Suntanning Association has 14,000 salons throughout the country sending out the same message. They want to teach the truth about the flawed research that has penetrated the public. There are positives to tanning in moderation. Some of these include decreasing the possibility of sunburn and increasing your vitamin D levels.

"Your body is meant to tan, it's a natural defense against sunburn," says Laura McCaffery. "So when they are in the Caribbean -- or down south somewhere they aren't going to burn." McCaffery is the manager of Total Tan in DeWitt.

Dr. Ramsey Farah is an Associate Professor of Pathology at Upstate. "Study after study has shown that indoor tanning increases the risk of all three skin cancers," says Farah. "Every hour one American dies of a melanoma skin cancer."

The rate of melanoma cancer is already one in thirty. That's before you add the increased exposure to U-V lamps.

"That's really significant, you wouldn't get on a plane if there was a one in thirty chance of it falling," said Farah