Target credit breach has local impact

It seemed like business as usual at the Target store in Fayetteville Friday despite one of the worst credit security breaches in recent years.

Up to 40 million customers of Target stores had their credit card information stolen between November 27th or "Black Friday" and December 15th.

Jennifer Ziobro says she made some purchases at Target recently and then learned from Discover Card that someone in China had used her credit information. "They said it was a Western Union (transfer) but it was in China. It was a very small amount that was charged. That's how they figured it out and they cancelled it out and I didn't get charged anything. I got my new card the next day." Ziobro told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon

Jennifer feels its safe to shop at Target now, but the company's call center and website are being overwhelmed by worried shoppers. Target is working with authorities to track down the culprits who stole the credit information. They were apparently able to obtain customers names, their credit card numbers, expiration dates and the three digit security code.

Linda Rudnick Smith of Clear Point Credit Counseling Solutions says it's fortunate they apparently did not get hold of Social Security numbers. "If you have the social security number you can take out other credit, you can do all kinds of stuff... buy cars, change your records. That's very serious but this is not the case here." she said

The Target breach is the risk we take when we use credit cards. Rudnick Smith says it might be better if we use good old fashioned cash. "You know exactly what you have to spend and you stay within your budget. You don't go way in debt with holiday spending and its safer."