Target offers 10% discount to customers after security breach

One day after acknowledging a massive security breach, Target has announced a 10% discount for all customers shopping in the store this weekend.

Up to forty million customers were affected by the security breach. Customers who used their debit or credit card in the store sometime between November 27 and December 15 could have had their credit card and debit card information stolen.

The thieves used the magnetic strips of these cards to gain information about the customer, including their name, card number, and three-digit security code.

The company said the issue has been identified and fixed, and investigators are currently looking for who is responsible. Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel issued an apology on the company website on Friday and also posted a message to customers on YouTube.

"What I would like to say to our guests at Target is thank you for you business," Steinhafel said. "Thank you for your patience. And thank you for having trust in Target because it's time like this that really defines companies, and we are a company that cares, and we are really committed to delivering a trust-worthy and confident experience at Target."