Tax Time 411 answers your questions

One question we received several times: Who must/who should file a return?

You do NOT have to file if your income is less than the allowable deductions:

For singles: $5,950 plus the $3800 personal exemption=$9,750

For marrieds: $11,900 plus $3800 each =19,500

If you are over 65, the amount is even higher:

For singles, add another $1450 to that total

For marrieds, add $1150 per person

You may WANT to file, however, even if your income is less than the 'total' to get back money paid in --for example, deductions from your wages. It's worth figuring!

Who is likely to be audited?
Here are some red flags for the IRS!

1. if your income is over $200,000

2. You have not reported ALL taxable income (the IRS gets copies of all your forms from banks, etc)

3. Large charitable deductions (be sure to keep all supporting documents from the charity)

4. The home office deduction (it must be used exclusively and regularly as your place of business)

5. Claiming rental losses (especially if your day job is not in the real estate business)

6. Deducting business meals, travel &/or entertainment (keep detailed records!)

7. Claiming 100% business use of a vehicle (keep detailed mileage logs and calendar entries)

8. Writing off a loss for a hobby activity (you must report income, and you can deduct expenses)

9. Running a cash business

10.Failing to report a foreign bank account

11.Engaging in currency transactions

12.Taking higher than average deductions

Standard or itemized deduction?
Do the math--figure your taxes both ways (it won't take that much longer, if you have all the records!)--use the version that gives you the biggest refund or the smallest bill.

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