Taxpayers in Pulaski stand by their decision to keep their police department

Pulaski Police Department remains intact.


axpayers in Pulaski have made it known that they want to keep their local police department. While other villages and towns have voted out their local police, these voters here decided to keep theirs.

If the force here in the village was eliminated, it could have saved taxpayers around $200,000 annually. To many people who live and work in the area, they only want the safety of knowing that they can be protected by their local department.

James Button owns Salmon River Sports Shop in the heart of Pulaski. "The local police are right here, they're patrolling. Everyday I see them go by the shop, so I think it's good to keep them here," says Button. "Even though taxes are going up I think it's a good thing to have the local police right here."

Tristen Crawford lives and works in the Village of Pulaski and he knows that he wouldn't want to wait for response from the county or the state instead. "There's a lot less response time (by) the village police. If there was something like a robbery or something and there's state police out patrolling they wouldn't get there in time," says Crawford.

Ellery Terpening is the Chief of Police for this part time force of 7. This small staff was one of the reasons that a referendum was put up to a vote. But Terpening knows there is too much distance to be covered without them. "Just in the mass amount of area that the troopers and the sheriffs department have to cover, obviously there's only so much time in a day and so many people to answer the calls. It's a big area out there," says Terpening.