Teachers and parents question why school was open Tuesday in Holland Patent

Anusha Yagey lost his life in a crash.


loyd is a small and quiet town just outside of Rome. Tuesday morning, two brothers driving together to Holland Patent High School spun into the oncoming lane. 16-year old Anusha Yagey was in the passenger seat with his brother Joey behind wheel when they collided with an oncoming truck. Police say poor road conditions caused the fatal accident, which caused Anusha to lose his life. Some parents and teachers want to know why school was not closed or delayed.

Philip Lucason is a Science teacher in the High School. "The districts neighboring us, on either side of us and to the north were on a delay or cancelled," says Lucason.

Lori Storms is a parent of a 7-year old in the district. "It was nasty, first there was a little bit of freezing rain which switched over to sleet and right over to snow," says Storms.

The final call whether to cancel or delay lies in the hands of Superintendent Kathleen Davis. She sent a letter home informing parents of the criteria she follows when looking at delays or cancellation and which safety precautions can be followed. Underlined at the bottom of the page it reads, "Parents need to assess the situation as well and determine if their child should stay home or board the bus." Philip didn't take too kindly to those words.

"If she sent that letter out of frustration, she did not put the needs of the students, kids, faculty, staff and parents concerns ahead of her own," says Lucason. "She needs to be investigated for that morning. We lost a stellar young man, he has no future now. His future came to a close that day."

Lori doesn't understand why the answer being given to this tragedy is to keep your child out of school, when weather is not an excused absence.

"If we were to do that, our children would be nailed with unexcused absences all the time," says Storms.