Teachers voice rage against North Syracuse Schools Superintendent

Kim Dyce Faucette

Teachers in North Syracuse have gone public with their anger against the school district's superintendent.

The union representing 766 teachers in the North Syracuse Central School District unleashed anger at Superintendent Kim Dyce Faucette at a board meeting Monday evening.

The teachers' complaints mark a dramatic change since September, when Faucetteâ??s initial plans for the district were laid out. Earlier this year, teachers in the district agreed to take a pay freeze to help balance the budget.

At the school board meeting, there were some rumblings that the district was getting ready to give raises to some of its administrators, but that never came up in the agenda.

One representative before the board launched into a tirade, describing what he called, "an atmosphere of distrust and dismay," fostered by the superintendent. You can watch the board meeting here. The anger directed at the superintendent begins around one hour and forty seven minutes into the video.

During the meeting, the union blasted Dyce Faucette saying, "The superintendent has "offended many, both professionally and personally through her words and actions." The union is calling on the board to take "decisive action," related to the superintendent's job.

The North Syracuse Education Association President John Kuryla says the superintendent's promise of transparency has not happened, and goes on to say she has, "marginalized our human capital with her sense of entitlement."

The union representative added there is "rage among a large proportion of our staff."

The union leaders say they provided each board member with a packet of information detailing their long list of complaints about the superintendent, and added they hope for a collaborative effort to fix what they say is broken in the district. The teacher's complaints mark a dramatic change since September, when her initial plans for the district were laid out.

The North Syracuse Central School District hired Kim Dyce Faucette as superintendent in 2011. Prior to coming to Central New York, she was the chief of staff for the Rochester City School District.