Teall and Burnet Ave. one of top 5 worst CNY intersections according to you


e asked you to identify the worst intersections in Central New York and one that definitely made the list is the intersection of Teall and Burnet Avenue in Syracuse.

While navigating this tricky intersection, many drivers like Michael Moore of Syracuse, don't feel safe.

"Sometimes I'm scared, you know driving up and down here," says Moore.

It's a busy four-way crossroads where within a block you will see cars whipping by from Teall to Burnet, Interstate 690 to Teall, and Teall onto Interstate 690.

Some drivers are getting on the highway headed east, while others are headed west, and all are forced to merge with traffic getting off 690 westbound at the same time.

Kevin Wydeck works at the Cuse Express which sits right at the corner and sees accidents all the time.

"You've got like six different areas trying to get into two lanes coming this way. And you either think quick or you're in an accident. One of the two," says Wydeck.

Trying to turn left is another hassle because there is no green area from Burnet to Teall.

We took your concerns to the State Department of Transportation to find out what, if anything, is being done to fix the problem. DOT Spokesman, Gene Cilento, admits it's a problem.

"You're limited by the fact that you have three traffic signals in a very short stretch of road so you're going to get a lot of stoppage just because of those. Then you have significant traffic volumes coming down the off ramps and getting on the on-ramps with limited space for turning vehicles," says Cilento.

Cilento says fixing the problem would be a major task that isn't high on the list of priorities.

"You're limited here because of the bridge width so you can't add any extra lanes unless you replace the bridge and that's not going to be happening anytime soon," says Cilento.

Cilento says the DOT already adjusts the lights around the morning and evening commute to allow more time for more drivers to get through.

In terms of adding a green arrow to the spotlight on Burnet, Cilento says that's something the city would have to take care of because Burnet falls within their jurisdiction.