Team ANGEL making a difference for Syracuse youth

Eddie Mitchell and Ryedell Davis grew up in two separate, but violent Syracuse neighborhoods.

â??I lost a close friend growing up, I've been shot myself,â?? said Mitchell.

â??I've seen people get shot at; Iâ??ve seen people get stabbed. I've lost a lot of friends to senseless acts of violence,â?? said Davis.

Both decided to stay away from drugs and violence.

And with the help of On Point for College, the two followed their dreams of earning college degrees.

But getting a degree wasn't enough for these two young men.

Both were concerned about limited after school programs for teens and youth violence.

â??When things like this happen, we're losing future doctors, lawyers teachers,â?? said Davis.

So Mitchell and Davis decided to make a difference, starting their own program at the Southwest Community Center called Team ANGEL.

It's a mentoring and leadership program that stands for avoid negative garbage, enjoy life.

â??They tell me things they're going through, problems, homework issues, day to day issues, relationship issues,â?? said Mitchell.

In just the last year and a half, itâ??s made an impact on more than 100 kids signed up in the program.

â??If I need help doing homework or I'm struggling in school, they stay on me about my grades,â?? said Shanekqua Rutledge, 15.

â??I see grades changing, I see attendance changing, the way that they speak to one another is changing,â?? said Davis.

The goal now is to take Team ANGEL across the state and country.

â??We need a better community, we need a better country we need more positive and productive individuals,â?? Davis said.

â??How far can it go? I want the sky to be the limit,â?? Mitchell said.

A limit these two are determined to reach.