Ted & Amy share the secrets of 25 years on Syracuse radio

Ted & Amy of 93Q Radio, circa mid 1990's.

After a quarter of a century working side-by-side, most of the time before the sun comes up, Ted Long and Amy Robbins are still laughing. This month the pair celebrates 25 years as on-air partners on "Ted and Amy In The Morning" on radio station 93Q in Syracuse.

"We are best friends," Robbins said. "She is the planner. We used to have a producer, but Amy would wind up taking over and doing it her way, so that didn't work out," Long recalls of their many years together.

The pair started broadcasting together in November of 1988. At the time, Robbins was a recent graduate of Ithaca College. Long was already on the air doing the morning drive at 93Q. Robbins was initially hired to read the news as part of the show. Quickly, she was installed as the co-host. "We knew, I think, pretty early on that there was something about us together that just clicked. It really worked," Robbins said.

As for their long run on local radio, Ted Long believes he knows why it has worked for 25 years and counting. "We are local, we grew up here, we know what it means to be from Central New York, we know the people, and I think we know what they find funny," he said.

But their run has not always been a laughing matter. Ted Long struggled with obesity for years. Today he is down 140 pounds after having gastric bypass surgery. In 2012, he gave his first post-surgery interview to Michael Benny live on CBS 5 News. "I was scared for his health," Robbins recalls. "I took a CPR course at one point, and I won't say that Ted's weight was the only reason that I did it, but I have to tell you it was a real concern. We are the only people in the building for most of the morning, and I thought if something happens to him, I'm going to be the only one who might be able to save his life," she said.

Listeners of "Ted & Amy In The Morning" now span two generations. "We have people who tell us I used to listen to you as I got ready for school, and now their children are listening to us as they go to school," Long said. What many listeners of the duo probably do not know is how seriously Robbins and Long take their partnership when it comes to business. They negotiate their contracts as a team. As Long put it, "We realized early on that we were more valuable together than separate." They generally take the same vacation time off, as not to disrupt the show too much. They earn the same salary and plan to remain a force in morning radio for years to come. "I think the best way to say it is that we will be here as long as the station will have us," Long said.

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