Teen rescues elderly man from sinking car

Alex Travis is being honored for saving an elderly man from a sinking car last summer

Alex Travis was out on a drive in Madison County with his grandfather and 5 year old sister, and as they went by the Bradley Brook Reservoir in Eaton, they saw a car floating in the water.

Alex jumped out and down an embankment, into the water, and saw a 93 year old man trapped inside the car, which was 15 yards from shore. He was able to unbuckle the man's seat belt, but had to work at opening the door. When he finally got it open, water gushed in. Alex says it looked like slow motion, with the man's hair floating around.

Once he got the man back to shore, his grandfather helped pull him out of the water.

The 93 year old is fine, and even came to East Syracuse- Minoa High School, where Alex was honored last fall.

Alex says he learned how to do the rescue by watching old movies, but does not consider himself a hero: he says he didn't even want to tell his mother because she'd call everyone on her contact list.

But, for his rescue, Alex Travis earns this year's Red Cross Real Hero Good Neighbor Award.

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