Teen thinks quick, saves four people who'd been swept into Lake Ontario

Marshall Winn, who was going into his freshman year in high school last August, saw people swept into Lake Ontario and thought quickly enough to rescue them

When 14 year old Marshall Winn saw four swimmer swept offshore in Lake Ontario last August, he acted quickly, getting on his Wave Runner and borrowing life vests from nearby kayakers.

The four had been swept 100 yards into the lake at the mouth of South Sandy Creek, and one of the swimmers was being pulled under by the current.

Winn circled the swimmers, letting him grab onto his watercraft and then pulled them to shore.

He says he knew he had to do it because he knew it could be bad: when he was 8, he saw other swimmers pulled out by the current, also near his family's summer camp, only that time it did not end with everyone saved.

Marshall says he just thinks he's an ordinary person, and that anyone would do what he did.

But, for his quick thinking, Marshall Winn is this year's Red Cross Youth Good Samaritan.

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