Teens learn CPR as part of Red Cross babysitting training

The lessons range from how to help a choking baby to CPR and changing diapers. Red Cross babysitting training gives kids from 11 to 15 a chance to learn and how to be ready for anything that could come up on a babysitting job.

"I know more than I did before on how to handle situations I didn't know before," said Syracuse teen Maddie Rogers.

Students who complete the day long babysitting training class also get a certificate from the Red Cross. For many parents that certificate is good reassurance that a teen is ready for the challenge of watching young kids.

"You don't want to have just anybody come and watch them because like you said, they are your kids," said Amy Flood as she walked into the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse with her children.

"I would want to know them, know their background and certainly CPR training and first aid training would be preferred," said parent Susan Mizgala

Instructor Vivien Lussaongang says she hopes the babysitters never need some of the skills they learn in her class but wants the students to be prepared for whatever can happen. some of the girls have done some babysitting before - but say they feel a lot more confident after today's training.

The training - and a Red Cross certificate - is also a good business decision for young babysitters.

"I have been wanting to take some jobs with neighbors and close friends and they won't really take me unless I get a permit and know most of this stuff," said Syracuse teen Haley Mikus.

The Red Cross also worked with babysitting students on their resumes so they can let parents know about their experience and training.