Teens steal only change in car break-in â??gameâ?? in Bayberry community

Neighbors in the Bayberry community of Liverpool say teenagers are playing a "game" where they break into cars steal only change, leaving valuable items behind.

When Joe Mason went out for coffee one Saturday morning, he says he didn't understand what had happened. His car doors were open but it didn't look like anything had been taken. Then he heard that 10 neighbors on his Bayberry neighborhood street had their cars broken into, and he realized something was missing.

"Change. That's it. I had GPS, CDs, I think my cell phone was in there, wallet. That's all they took was change," says Mason.

At a Bayberry Community Association meeting, members say police told them that teenagers had been going through unlocked cars at night as part of a strange game.

"There is a game going on right now called change where there are gangs of kids going throughout the county, breaking into cars, leaving behind valuables but taking change," said Mike Banks from the Bayberry Community Association.

Similar car break-ins took place two weeks ago in Camillus. Change and gift cards were stolen, but valuable electronics, sunglasses and computers were left behind.

Robert Stella and other members of the Bayberry Community Association have been working to spread the word about the break-ins and remind neighbors to lock their car doors.

"These things happen over the years but we shouldn't be complacent about it. We need to get the word out and let them know we are watching," said Stella

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