Tenants could be evicted over roach infestation

Oswego residents have a big problem with bugs. And they think they know the source.

Residents at an apartment on 38 West Third Street are in danger of being evicted for causing an infestation in the neighborhood.

City officials say deplorable living conditions in the apartment of Steve Turo and Lisa Donovan made for a perfect breading ground for cockroaches.

Neighbors up to three to four houses away say they started seeing more cockroaches in their homes after Turo and Donovan moved in three years ago.

It makes us feel like we're scumbags, but we're really not because we're keeping the house clean and the other one's aren't, neighbor Ashley Walker says.

But Turo and Donovan say the apartment is much cleaner since an exterminator found over 150,000 cockroaches in the apartment about a month ago.We've pretty much been taking out trash everyday, trying to keep everything up to standards, Turo says.

But Oswego officials don TMt think that TMs good enough.

They say the apartment TMs landlord did most of the cleaning and the tenants will just let their place fall back into the same condition as it was a month ago.

Oswego Code Enforcement Director Neal Smith recommended to a city committee yesterday that Turo and Donovan be vacated from their apartment. He says,

It's been cleaned up now to a point where its almost satisfactory, but again it comes down to the behavior and actions of the tenants which we believe are ingrained and not subject to change.

The issue will come before the Common Council Monday, where they will vote on whether the tenants will stay or go.