Testimony ends in the murder case of a Syracuse toddler

Saquan Evans

Prosecutors the defense attorney wrapped up their cases Thursday in the trial of Saquan Evans.

He's charged with second degree murder in the 2010 death of 20-month-old Rashaad Walker Jr. The little boy was strapped into his car seat when he was shot and killed. Prosecutors say he was caught in the crossfire of gang rivalry and the boy's father was the intended target.

In Onondaga County Court Thursday morning, prosecutors showed stills of video from Syracuse police that show Carlton Mormon was at the corner market on South Salina Street close to the time of the shooting. The defense presented Mormon as a possible shooter, trying to create doubt in jurors minds that Evans committed the crime.

A fingerprint expert testified that a fingerprint found in Dasean Maddox's car was linked to Evans. Prosecutors say Maddox was driving the car and witnessed Evans firing all six shots, emptying a .38 caliber revolver. All of the ballistics tests on the bullets and bullet fragments were inconclusive to link they to the revolver police recovered. Experts say the revolver police found and the socks it was wrapped in had multiple people's DNA on them, so they were not suitable for identification.

In court, the detective who questioned Evans said he laughed at police when asked about the shooting and later told them, "I don't know what you're talking about, I wasn't there."

The Chief Medical Examiner also took the stand, testifying how the bullet entered the little boy's head and exited through his forehead.

The first defense witness called by attorney Ed Klein refused to answer any questions about what he saw at the shooting scene. The judge said Shaquill Sullivan, who is already serving a prison sentence, could have his sentence extended for being in contempt of court. Rashaad Walker Sr. was subpoenaed by the defense. Walker said he didn't get a good look at whoever fired the shots into his car that killed his son. Walker admitted he told police another man, Carlton Morman was a good suspect.

On Thursday, the prosecution showed surveillance video of Carlton Morman at a corner store on the south side of Syracuse close to the time of the shooting.

Police claim Evans was targeting the child's father as part of an on-going feud between the Bricktown Gang and the 110 Gang.