Texting, talking on smartphones at 30,000 feet could become a reality

New service could potentially allow airline passengers to text or talk on their phones while in flight.

Although the Federal Aviation Administration recently
eased restrictions on the use of electronic devices on airplanes, there's still a ban on talking on cell phones. But, texting and talking in flight may soon be an option for airlines and their passengers.


ogo, a Wi-fi connectivity supplier for may airlines, is expected to start offering a service that gives passengers the capability to text and potentially talk on their smartphones on domestic flights.

The FAA rules s

till maintain the ban on using personal devices for texting, emailing and phone calls, but Gogo's service will connect through the plane's hardware and software. It would only be available above 10,000 feet.

Experts say that US airlines are still unlikely to offer the talk service, because many travelers say they don't want to listen to someone talking right next to them.

(Information from NBC News used in this report)