The Capitol Report: The Committee to Save New York makes its debut

Public employees unions are holding vigils across the State to raise awareness around the growing numbers of unemployed State workers. At the same time, a broad coalition of groups is raising money in support of Andrew Cuomo TMs plans to cut even more of the State work force, as well as to implement a property tax cap. The Committee to Save New York is reportedly working hand-in-glove with the incoming administration. The group is made up of business, reform and real estate groups " no word yet on whether its alliance with the new Governor will necessitate their registering as a lobbyist. Nevertheless, the Committee TMs arrival on the scene, and its loudly articulated mission to raise 20 million dollars, has created a stir in Albany where public sector unions have traditionally spoken with the loudest voice|. Mike Elmendorf , NYS Director, National Federation of Independent Business said, "In a private sector company, you wouldn TMt have people demanding a raise |" Because of the state New York TMs been in, small business groups like the NFIB have signed on as members of the new coalition. Not that they will be donating any money, says Elmendorf. They don TMt have any. However, they do see the need for swift action on issues like a tax cap to get reforms in New York moving; reforms including pension and healthcare relief for municipalities|. Elmendorf continued, " We believe firmly that you TMre never going to make those changes without the property tax cap. But it TMs gotta come first and I think the Governor is right about that." Traditionally, business spends 2/3rds more than unions on campaign donations. But unions outspend business on lobbying efforts. This new Committee may shake up what TMs been a very old Albany dynamic.