The day after: Fulton neighbors still digging out

People in the City of Fulton are still digging out after yesterday's snow emergency. It was officially lifted


morning, but crews are still making sure neighborhoods and parking lots have been cleared.

Fulton Mayor Ron Woodward says as many as 50 people were out clearing snow Monday, and it wasn't just employees from the Department of Public Works. Employees from the water and sewer departments also helped.

Mayor Woodward says the timing of the lake effect storm was especially bad because many people were out on the roads on their way to work.

"They'd get stuck, block an intersection, back things up, and it just kept coming," says Woodward.


, people in neighborhoods were clearing driveways, including Ed Phillips, who owns a a snow blower and clears driveways for money.

He says he is happy to see the snow because it has been a slow season so far.



've been on my feet, behind the machine, in the truck, pulling people

out of ditches

," says Phillips

. "It's just been crazy and busy."

Some people were making the best of the snow, like Brett Ellis, 17. He's making a snowman on the side of his house.

"I hope it looks really nice, and it's going to be big," says Ellis. "It's going to be half the size of this house."

He hopes to make a whole snow family before winter is over.