The Dragnet: New Campaign To Find Bandit

He struck in Syracuse and in 13 other states, now the FBI is ramping up its effort to find the so-called Granddad Bandit. The agency launched a 40-state billboard campaign in hopes of catching the man " it has also boosted the reward for information on his arrest to $25,000.The agency believes the robberies began in December 2008 in Richmond and spread to other states in the eastern and central U.S.

The suspect is described as a 45- to-60-year-old white man, about 6 feet tall and balding with short grayish hair on the sides. He usually wears wire-rimmed glasses, polo-type shirts and ball caps.

The FBI knows this is a very unconventional sort of suspect " in fact, the agency was quite candid in calling him Uncle Fester sort of looking in this Washington Post newspaper article.

The FBI believes the man struck in Syracuse back in 2009, stealing money from the Solvay Bank branch downtown.