The Film House announces first movie to be completely produced in CNY

Future site of The Film House

The Film House has announced the first movie project that will be produced in Central New York, called The Opium War.

Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney, Ryan R. Johnson, CEO of The Film House, and Dr. Alain E. Kaloyeros, CEO of SUNY CNSE announced that the project will be fully produced in Central New York, with special effects and post production work being done exclusively at the Central New York Hub for Emerging Nano Industries in Dewitt. Alex Dunbar profiled The Film Houseâ??s move from Marina Del Rey, California to Dewitt when the rumors first started to swirl.

The project is estimated to add 500 permanent and temporary jobs and contribute about $10 million in revenue locally.

The Opium War team is scouting locations in Syracuse and other parts of Central New York for a seven to eight week filming schedule at the end of the summer, followed by six to seven months of post-production.

â??Last week we announced that The Film House was coming to Onondaga County,â?? said Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney. â??This week we are pleased to announce The Film Houseâ??s first project. This project will be an excellent beginning to our film production industry and we look forward to seeing Upstate New York featured in The Opium War. Thank you again to The Film House for choosing to locate here and to both Governor Andrew Cuomo and Dr. Alain Kaloyeros for making this possible.â??

â??We are excited to announce our first of many major projects to be filmed and produced in New York State,â?? said Ryan Johnson, CEO of The Film House. â??We were drawn to the region because of the industry friendly environment and unique academic-private sector partnership model that Governor Cuomo has used to make New York recognized across the world as a go to destination for business. In New York, we will have access to a skilled and creative workforce, innovative new technologies, and the scenery we need to make quality films. We are eager to begin working with all our partners, particularly Onondaga County and SUNY CNSE, to make movies, create jobs for our new neighbors and communities, and do our part to enhance the quality of life in the area while we grow our business."

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