The local cost of raising the minimum wage in NY

The minimum wage in New York State could be going up. Some lawmakers in Albany are looking to raise the hourly rate from $7.25 to $8.25.

Gannon's Isle, a seasonal business in Syracuse, starts out employees at minimum wage.

"This is an entry level job," says Owner Eileen Gannon. "We have mostly high school and college kids working here and so you give them a little more when they do a better job but $8.50 that's steep."

Those who support the minimum wage hike say it will help workers with the rising cost of inflation. For small businesses like Gannon's, the owner says it will impact them. They employee just over 50 people and make homemade ice cream. Right now, there's an incentive for workers at Gannon's to improve. The better they do, the more money they make. If the minimum wage goes up, the owner says that incentive would go away.




s already had to raise prices a bit this year because the cost of ingredients went up.


f the minimum wage goes up they may have to cut back on the number of hours employees work

or figure out other ways to make up for the rising cost of doing business.


he owner says she isn't against increasing the minimum wag


just not by so much.


Certainly raising a family on $8.50 an hour would be tough

," Gannon said.


I can see why you would raise it a bit


Hearings will be held around the state. One will be held in Syracuse on April 24th.