The "milk mustache" is moving over for "Milk Life"

The "Got Milk?" Milk mustache is moving over for Milk Life.

The Milk Processor Education Program, a national organization of milk companies, is changing the 20-year-long campaign to highlight milk's nutritional benefits, launching the Milk Life campaign officially Monday.

The "Got Milk" line started back in 1993, with an advertisement in which an Alexander Hamilton history buff is called randomly, selected to answer a trivia question, "Who Shot Alexander Hamilton?"

The gentleman loses out on the opportunity to win $10,000 because he doesn't have enough milk to drink to speak through his peanut-butter-filled mouth with the correct answer, "Aaron Burr."

Over the years, the "Got Milk?" campaign featured more than 300 celebrities rocking a "milk mustache."

(Information from NBC News used in this report)