'The New Economy' summit aims to push 'buy local'

A new effort this week, and making the 'buy local' effort work better in Central New York

The conference set for Syracuse this week aims to cement relationships between businesses that already understand the 'buy local' idea, and hopes to get more groups to 'get it.'

Chris Fowler, whose SyracuseFirst organization is the 'New Economic Summit' organizer, says he hopes the event will result in more economic growth, generated from businesses that area already linked in, including agribusiness, food based products, and markets for those products like restaurants and stores.

Fowler hopes to see more community and government support for economic initiatives, as well.

The New Economy Summit is set for Wednesday afternoon, May 22, at Syracuse's Genesee Grande Hotel, with a local food and wine tasting party after. Tickets are available for both, or either event.

SyracuseFirst describes the event as "bringing together a group of current and future community and business leaders, Local First advocates, and well-known economic development experts to develop solutions for a stronger local economy."

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