The only people to call the Herkimer County gunman wanted money

A State Police reivew of the phone records belonging to the cellphone of Herkimer County gunman Kurt Myers shows the only people who called him were creditors - there were none from friends or family members. The Utica Observer Dispatch newspaper reports most of the 150 to 200 phone calls Myers received on his TracFone between September and March were from Bank of America and Chase.

At the time Myers went on a rampage, killing 4 people in March, he was more than $21,000 in credit card debt. Myers also had no cash. State Police report he had $1.92 in his bank account and no cash anywhere.

As investigators appear close to determining his money problems were a motive, survivors of the rampage are speaking out. John Seymour, 66, the owner of the barber shop where Myers opened fire told CNYcentral in this interview that he feels lucky to be alive.