The Post-Standard troubleshooting what went wrong on Sunday

The Post-Standard has issued this apology for not delivering to many of its customers on Sunday. Monday is a day of figuring how to avoid what went wrong yesterday.

The Post-Standard's Sunday newspaper was not delivered to some subscribers this weekend. For many more subscribers, a partial paper was delivered, but the 'news' part, the front section, and sports were missing.

The Post-Standard reported printing press problems as the reason many people did not receive their paper on time Sunday morning.

The Post-Standard did present an apology on the front page of its Monday newsstand edition, but on Sunday there was little information on what was going on.

The publishers put up a note on around mid-morning Sunday, but other newsrooms, including ours at CNYCentral, were swamped with calls from subscribers who were upset that they could not get through to the paper's circulation people. Our attempts to call also did not get through.

"We experienced electronic control problems that prevented us from starting the press," said Syracuse Media Group President Tim Kennedy in the note on on Sunday. "The production mechanics and technicians worked through the day to replace broken components and resolve lingering systems issues. We believe that all mechanical issues have now been resolved. We will review other operating procedures this week to better prepare for and prevent this type of event."

Kennedy tells CNY Central that he is still troubleshooting and in damage control meetings. He promises an update later today.