The snow is here. Do you love it or hate it?

You either love it or hate it but either way you can't stop Mother Nature. And it seems she has been making up for loss time, and blowing a whole lot of lake effect snow to Central New York.

Most people are digging out from under 2 feet of the white stuff. In Baldwinsville, and in neighborhoods across the area, you could hear the sounds of winter. The hum of snowblowers, and the scraping of shovels on sidewalks.

"I think it's too much, too early," said Paul Allen who made quick work of digging out his driveway for the second time Tuesday.

And just down the street, Donald Austin was re-fueling his snow blower. When the flakes come down this fast, it costs him about $40 dollars a week to keep his snowblower filled with gas to clear the walkways. He says it's well worth it to save him the achy back.

"With this much snow, and my age I think it's mandatory that we use a snow blower. I love it, its nice to have a change of season but by february 15th I get a little tired," said Austin.

"The longer I live here, the more I seem to get sick of it I think, and I get older too," said Lloyd Noble.

But a headache for some is a welcomed treat for others. Neighborhoods were filled with bundled up kids, armed with snowballs, and ready to brave the cold.

"The snow is so big and stuff, its fun to make snowballs and stuff," said Robert Soutar.

"It's crazy, I don't mind the snow, I just don't like being cold. I think everyone just has to get used to it, seeing as the end of November we didn't have any snow at all on the ground, so we sort of got bombarded," said Christina Nichols.

And keep those shovels and snow blowers within reach, because Mother Nature isn't done yet. The snow will fall for a few more days adding to the near 2 feet that's already covering Central New York.Our CNY Central Meteorologists are always tracking our forecast, you can keep up to date with the weather here.

How much snow do you have? Do you finish digging out your driveway, only to turn around and see a fresh dusting of the white stuff?

We want to see your pictures, and hear your winter weather stories! Join the conversation by posting your comments below.