The Sound Garden prepares to move to new location outside of Syracuse

The Sound Garden has gained more that four thousand likes on a Facebook page aimed to help them.

A popular record store in Downtown Syracuse may not be calling Armory Square home for much longer.

The owner of The Sound Garden, Bryan Burkert, says he will move his shop out of the city because city lawmakers won't exempt the store from an ordinance related to pawn shops after a meeting with the Common Council Wednesday.

"Jake Barrett basically told me that this matter was closed and that there was nothing to speak. I addressed one point of his and then he brought up another point and I said I can handle I'll talk to you about that and he said I don't want to hear from you this matter's closed. He was rude and very testy about the whole thing," says Burkert.

The new regulation would require secondhand dealers to log items with the police and wait seven days before reselling them. The Sound Garden, which sells used CD's and DVD's, says following the law will be so costly it could force them to close down.

Burkert says the store's lease is up on July 1. After that, they'll go month to month until a new location is found in another city.

This has left many fans of this store, such as Tammy Jazerski, upset over the store's pending closure.

"They just cannot shut down, like they're a vital part of this community, really important. My goddaughter, she's 16 and she just got into vinyl and she's obsessed with this place. I just can't picture her and her friends not coming here and another generation partaking in this store," says Jazerski.