The storm has started in CNY

The weather has officially started here in Central New York, with travel advisories and slippery conditions all over.

The Onondaga County 911 center reported that their calls were a little higher than normal with the conditions, but they were not too worried about travelers.

Our Katie Corrado was at the intersection of Teall and Burnet Avenues tonight, watching the cars creep up to the light with the utmost caution.

All told, the DPW seemed to have everything under control, keeping the roads safe for drivers.

Crews said they ordered extra salt for the weekend and ran equipment checks to make sure everything worked properly.

They are also working 12 hour shifts to make sure the roads stay as clean as possible.

The DPW urges drivers to be safe, prepared, and to leave yourself extra time if you have to drive tonight or tomorrow morning.

Pete O'Connor, DPW Commissioner says: â??If you don't need to be out, don't go out. Stay off the road. Obviously the clearer the road is as far as traffic and vehicles, parked vehicles, the easier it is for us to do our job quick and easier, in a more efficient way.â??