The Talk Tonight---Price Chopper coupon settlement

In the Talk Tonight, we talked about the Price Chopper settlement with the state.

The settlement came after Price Chopper was investigated by the Attorney Generalâ??s office. The investigation found that Price Chopper advertised that it accepted double coupons without telling customers that it limited the doubling to 99 cents.

Price Chopper admitted that it inconsistently advertised the value limit of its double coupon policy during select weeks in June 2011, January 2012 and April 2012 in Syracuse and Cortland.

In a statement, Price Chopper said â??We were appalled and disappointed by the inflammatory press releaseâ?¦as its portrayal of Price Chopperâ??s conduct is false, misleading and inaccurate in significant respects. (The agreement) makes no assertion that Price Chopped acted intentionally to harm consumers or that its practices caused any losses, let alone millions of lost savings to its customers.â??