The Talk Tonight - Syracuse Mayor's feud with Governor leads to speculation

Speculation is swirling around Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner and whether she will either step down or be pushed out of her State Democratic Party Co-Chair position following a public feud with the Governor over funding.

Miner says she has no plans to step down from her position after submitting an op-ed piece to the New York Times last week. In it, she called the Governor's pension proposal a gimmick, saying New York State needs leadership.

A New York Daily News story published today quotes sources close to the Governor, saying Miner should be forced out of her co-chair position.

Miner released the following statement to CNYCentral today:

"I respect Governor Cuomo and his leadership. He has successfully advocated for a litany of issues in his time as New York's chief executive and I appreciate those efforts. The fiscal plight of our municipalities is another where Governor Cuomo can showcase his strong leadership for the benefit of New Yorkers."

"By the measure of the Governor's own budget division, 437 local governments are defined as 'distressed.' This is not an acceptable situation for mayors, supervisors, and county executives across our state. We need the Governor to convene the leaders of municipal governments, unions, businesses, the Comptroller, the legislature, and other relevant parties together to discuss real solutions to the crisis facing the City of Syracuse and municipal governments across New York State."

The controversy was the subject of our Talk Tonight on NBC3 and CBS5. Our Talk Tonight segment is already getting feedback. Joseph Gunther, of Oswego, emailed us saying, "Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner risks Cuomo's wrath with a letter. It was has been rumored that some people in Albany want to push Mayor Miner out of the Democratic Party because of the letter she wrote and published attacking Cuomo's budget plans. Well if that's the case? Then let Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner should run for Governor of New York State!" What do you think about the issue? Leave your thoughts below.