The Talk Tonight-Syracuse animal control meeting to discuss stray dog problem

The Parks and Recreation Committee of the Common Council met tonight in Syracuse to talk about how to keep an eye on dogs in the city.

Local leaders are talking about buying a dog licensing and animal control software system to help make it easier to keep track of strays.

It comes a day after we learned of three horrible cases of animal neglect. Three emaciated pit bull mixes were recently brought into the DeWitt Animal Hospital. So far, police have made an arrest in only one case.

What should be done to deal with the stray dog problem in the city? Matt Mulcahy, Megan Coleman and Michael Benny discussed the issue in the Talk Tonight.

The Animal Alliance of Syracuse will be there to offer their insight into animal abuse and neglect in the city.

They believe the discussion of how to end violence needs to include how to end violence against animals.

The Animal Alliance says they want to encourage a community with no homeless animals.