The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango welcomes its newest, and tallest, addition

Jase the Giraffe

Jase the giraffe is the Wild Animal Park in Chittenango's newest resident and he's kind of a big deal in more ways than one.

Jeff Taylor, owner of the Wild Animal Park, says Jase is growing taller each day.

"He's about 12 feet tall right now he is still growing and will be about 16 to 20 feet when he's full grown," he says.

Jase, who is just one and half years old, is one of only four giraffes living in zoos in New York State. Taylor says Jase is by himself now, but will soon have some company.

"We have plans to add two more females and we want to give them plenty of room so they can exercise and lead a healthy captive life," he says.

There is no shortage of animals to keep Jase company now.

The Wild Animal Park sits on 12 acres in Chittenango. Despite the size of the park the goal is to let visitors get up close and personal with the animals, and that is exactly what Taylor plans to do with Jase and the other giraffes.

"Youâ??re actually going to be able to feed him carrots, so you're going to be able to get really close to him. We have plans of building a deck where you can get eye level with him," he says.

Taylor says Jase is still getting used to his new home, but the public will be able to see him when the Wild opens its African Trail on July 2nd.

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