The women of Syracuse's Assault City Roller Derby Team are not your typical derby girls

Assault City Roller Derby's last game of the 2013 season is Saturday, October 12.

For the Syracuse Crunch home opener, there is a special deal if you want to see a sports double header. You can get a combo ticket to see the Crunch and the Assault City Roller Derby, Syracuse's first and only roller derby team.

The game will be at the OnCenter at 4:30pm and then you can walk over to the War Memorial for the Crunch home opener at 7pm.

It's probably not the roller derby you think you know and these aren't the typical derby girls.

When Caitlin Conn whose derby name is "Crazy Cait Lady" picked up the sport a year ago, she hadn't been on skates since she was a little kid.

"It's not quite as theatrical and crazy and elbows and all the stuff of yesteryear but it really is a lot of fun," says Conn.

Jayme Altes aka "Gymnasty" had only done gymnastics as a kid.

"It's like I have an alter ego when I'm at derby. At home I'm a mom, I'm a business owner. But when I step on the track I'm Gymnasty. I can do anything," says Altes.

They all got involved for different reasons. For Amanda Timmerman aka "Monsoon Mandy" it was about meeting people.

"I started about a year and a half ago. I had just moved to Syracuse from Phoenix Arizona," says Timmerman.

For Amy Pandozzi aka Lucky Bear it was about curing empty nest syndrome.

"My girls were very athletic. I've been traveling with them for club sports for 10 years and now they're both going to be in college so i have a lot of time on my hands," says Pandozzi.

The message the team really wants to drive home is that roller derby is for everyone. Any size, shape, experience or background is welcome.

"We can teach you how to skate, we can teach you how to hit people which is sometimes fun after a long day if you need to get some aggression out but it's really for everybody," says Altes.

After you're trained and ready to go, they put you on the roster and you can compete in the games they call "bouts." Then you pick your derby name. Marie Martini calls herself "Prymal N Stynct".

"The name is just a fun way to basically separate yourself from your regular life and what you turn into when you get out onto the track," says Martini.

It's a crash course in self confidence and a sisterhood on four wheels.