The world celebrates 50 years of Doctor Who

You may not know it, but today marks an important historical event. In fact, millions of people the world over will be gathering together at the same time to celebrate the life and times of a manâ?¦a mad manâ?¦in a box.

Thatâ??s right, Dr. Who celebrates 50 years delighting science fiction fans the world over. On November 23, 1963 the show debuted on BBC, and thrust the man known only as â??The Doctorâ?? into the world. Who knew that 50 years later, the Doctor would have become a standard in television, and attain, dare I say, rock-star status?

I wonâ??t take the time to dig into every iteration of the Doctor and his subsequent impact on the generation that he saved time and again from the Cybermen, Daleks, and countless other threats. I will, however, mention the surprising rise of the Doctor since the showâ??s rebirth in 2005. The fact that the Fiftieth Anniversary special is being simulcast in over 75 countries is astounding, but it is also being shown in theaters in eight countriesâ?¦in 3D. This type of treatment has been unheard of for a television show. Sure, tons of shows have gotten the movie treatment, but never to the extent that the good Doctor has and is. The phenomenon is thanks in large part to the last three Doctors, and their companions. In a recent poll, IGN asked readers to rank the Doctors. The top three were the most recent three, and it wasnâ??t even close.

If Christopher Eccleston brought the Doctor back to life, David Tennant made him an icon of modern television; which is ironic, seeing as how the Doctor is 50 years old. Tennant garnered 50% of the total vote. Matt Smith is the current, but soon to be former Doctor, and he has paired with show runner Steven Moffat to bring the show to new heights. BBC recognized just how popular David Tennantâ??s tenth Doctor was, and are bringing him back for the anniversary special. After the special, the show is going into a sort of reset mode, with the Christmas special paving the way for a new Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi.

For now, Whovians the world over will be watching at home, or in a theater, for the first time. A true unification of the world over a Time Lord, his companion, the TARDIS, and the wide open universe.