Theater in Ithaca delays show premiere due to flooding

One backstage crew member came to the theater in an inflatable kayak.

Opening night for Clybourne Park has been delayed until Saturday night after the Hanger Theater was flooded out.

After the dress rehearsal on Thursday night, several inches of water had already built up in the theaterĂ¢??s parking lot.

"The entire staff was out there, helping the audience members get to their cars, pushing cars through the water, everything we needed to do," said managing director Josh Friedman.

At the height of the flooding, there was close to three feet of water in the parking lot and 8 inches in the theaterĂ¢??s lobby.

Crew members and volunteers spent Friday morning cleaning out the lobby and other behind the scenes areas.

"We still have scenery notes that we need to do on top of this. as the saying goes - the show must go on," said carpentry intern Christopher Dake Jr.

The Hangar Theater is located in a flood plain but the stage and main seating areas stayed dry thanks to renovations in 2010.

"They saved the show, I'm sure they did and they saved a lot of the inside of the theater," said board member Marjory Rinaldo-Lee

Clybourne Park was schedule to premiere on Friday night but staff say it will take another day to get the theater cleaned out and ready to handle a crowd. The show is now scheduled to open on Saturday night and run through August 17th.

"What really impressed me today were the leadership skills of the entire staff. Everybody was just looking around saying what needs to happen," said Friedman.

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