There's a new push to clean up litter in Onondaga Co.; Here's how you can help

There's a new push to keep people from littering in Onondaga County.

There's a new push to clean up litter in Onondaga County.

County leaders unveiled a new litter prevention program called "Block Litter" on Monday.

It's a joint initiative between Save the Rain and the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency. The two groups are asking people to pledge to pick up litter on their street and they want people to help recruit neighbors and co-workers a few times a year for a larger clean-up.

"If we could have people do a little bit of that all year long and keep that litter off the streets then it's just going to mean good things for downtown Syracuse, in particular, and great things for Onondaga Lake," Mahoney said.

People who pledge to take part will receive a starter kit with more information and resources. You can sign up for a kit by clicking here.

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