Third annual Buy Local Bash raises awareness of economic impacts of buying local

The Buy Local Bash is Monday night beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Regional Market in Syracuse.

The Buy Local Bash was founded in 2010 by SyracuseFirst founder Chris Fowler.

This is the third annual Buy Local Bash and the highlight of "Buy Local Month," an extension of the former week-long campaign that is dedicated to increasing market share for local independent businesses during the holiday season.

CenterStateCEO and SyracuseFirst joined forces earlier this year to develop a collaborative model for building a stronger local economy.

Kevin Schwab of CenterStateCEO previously said that studies show that if some the money spent at large retailers during the holiday shopping season is shifted to local businesses, two or three times as much economic activity will be generated locally than if it was spent exclusively at national business. Schwab said that in Onondaga County, even a 10% shift to local spending could mean nearly $130 million annually in new economic activity.

Throughout November, SyracuseFirst and CenterStateCEO plans to increase awareness about the economic impacts of buying local. They plan to use "Buy Local Month" as a showcase for independent, local businesses that help make Central New York unique.

The Buy Local Bash will feature independently owned businesses in the greater Syracuse area, specifically food producers. The event will feature food and beverage vendors from around the region, including Sweet Praxis, Recess Coffee, and others. In addition, the event will feature local artists, live music and silent auction items.

SyracuseFirst expects a crowd of 500 this year, nearly doubling last yearâ??s attendance. Tickets are $25 at the door and can be purchased online at