Third suspect charged with murder in Sabine Street shooting

Sabine Street crime scene

A third person is charged with murder in connection to a homicide on Sabine Street on June 2.

Police charged Pedro Romero, 25, with second degree murder in connection to the shooting death of Andre Rosario-Claudio on June 2.

Police say Romero was one of three men who and fired shots during an assault on Rosario-Claudio and his brother, 20-year-old Edgardo Rossario-Claudio. Police say the younger brother is expected to recover.

Romero was arraigned on Monday and is being held in the Onondaga County jail without bail.

Romero suffered gunshot wounds to the leg during the incident.

Police previously arrested 29-year-old Efrain Santos and 26-year-old Maximino Alvarez who were each charged with second degree murder.

No motive for the shooting has been released and police say the investigation is still active and ongoing.