This credit card company has a new â??come find you anywhereâ?? policy

According to an

article posted in the LA Times

, Capital One's recent contract update contains some interesting terms and conditions that could end up with a visit to your home or even your office.

The update says Capital One can â??contact you in any manner we chooseâ?? and that the contact can be via calls, emails, texts and even personal visits â??at your home and at your place of employment.â??

The LA Times also said the contract includes a statement that says, â??We may modify or suppress caller ID and similar services in any manner we choose.â?? According to this statement, Capital One reserves the right to change a phone number to look like itâ??s a local call or a call from a different organization entirely.

The LA Times reached out to Capital One, and company spokeswoman Pam Girardo says the contract wording may be misleading.

Girardo claims the company will not send someone to your house, unless they are trying to repossess a big-ticket item like a sports vehicle. She also said the company does not try to change its caller ID, but wanted to warn customers that some local phone exchanges may change the number anyway.

When confronted about the unusual wording in the contract, Girardo said the company is â??reviewing this language.â??